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The Blizzard Gear store is the exclusive online retailer for consumer products made and licensed by Blizzard Entertainment. The User Account API methods are available via the account object of battlenet-api. Returns data for an authenticated user's World of Warcraft battlenet-ts , Warcraft II Battle.net Edition. Strategy: The Dark Portal The consolidated source for official Warcraft II news, strategies, Maps Pictures, and more. Links / Files: A value of news tells the API to include the guild's news feed in the response. locale Battle.net Slammed by DDoS On Huge World of Warcraft Day [UPDATE #3] The holiday Grinch is here to ruin the day. Battle.net is Blizzard Entertainment's centralized account system for all their online games including World of Warcraft. For the time being the old site is still .Oceanic players to discuss all aspects of World of Warcraft with one another.Oct 01, 2014 · By Luke Karmali. A new update to Blizzard's Battle.net launcher suggests we're closer than ever to seeing the older Warcraft RTS titles working on modern PCs. Desc